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Yaoi ID: Wanna Join? by Yaoi-World Yaoi ID: Wanna Join? :iconyaoi-world:Yaoi-World 5,896 1,436
Thunderstorms- SasoDei fluff
Deidara lay in bed, listening to the sound of the storm outside.  Another bolt of lightning hit somewhere, and let out a tremendous thunder clap.
Deidara shrieked and shivered.  It was starting to get seriously scary in his room.  The dark shadows on the walls were creeping towards his bed, it seemed.  To try and pull his attention away from the walls, he formed a bird in his hand, but as it formed it malfunctioned and exploded very loudly before it's time, causing Deidara to jump almost out of his skin.
"That's it.  I've gotta get out of this room, un."  He said, and jumped out of his bed.  He didn't bother to pull his cloak back on, as he was wearing his normal outfit to bed anyway, minus the Akatsuki uniform.  He sighed and walked out of his room, trying to seem calm but ending up walking away faster than he had intended.
It was silent in the hallways, eerily so.  Deidara took a step, starting
:iconjarkis0jockovis:Jarkis0Jockovis 372 141
SasoDei : I'll Be Missing You
     "Deidara.  Is there anything you want to say to your new partner before we properly initiate him?"   </b>
  The wind blew back the chunk of blonde hair hanging over the boy's 'eye'.  He was looking around, scanning for something.  He wasn't sure what, yet.  He just knew that he was in the mood to make something, and he needed a little bit of inspiration.  He was outside the Akatsuki hide out, trying to wind himself down from the most recent meeting.
  It had stressed him out just a little bit.
  He moved a hand up to his hair to brush it back a little bit and let out a sigh.  "There's nothing out here unnnn..."  He let out, sadly.  He spoke the truth, there was close to nothing around the Akatsuki base.  It was just a barren wasteland of discreetness.  He blinked and
:iconjarkis0jockovis:Jarkis0Jockovis 220 141
Fireworks of Eternity -Sasodei
Denial Pt 2 – Fireworks of Eternity
It was the low grumbling that woke Sasori up so early.
The puppeteer’s dreamy daze – because since he turned himself into a puppet, he didn’t sleep, just fell into deep unconsciousness – was torn apart rather rudely when he heard the grumble.
It was consistent. And loud too.
Sasori blinked his sleep away. Groggily, he tried to sit up, but found he had something heavy on his chest preventing him.
He glanced down, and his vision was invaded with golden blonde.
What the – OH.
Sasori smiled as he lay back down carefully, gently easing his sleeping partner back onto his chest. Deidara stirred in his sleep, his arms tightening around the Akasuna. He mumbled something in what sounded like Croatian into the puppeteer.
The redhead smiled, amused. He silently thanked whatever that made him place a chakra network inside his puppet body.
Because it meant he could feel Deidara’s soft breath on himself.
He looked at his p
:iconselene-soulwar:selene-soulwar 356 485
SasoDei: Innocence
Sasori Akasuna X Deidara Iwa (SasoDei)
"Granny Chiyo, do we have to go?" A little red haired boy about the age of 8 scowled.
"Yes, Sasori. It'll be good for you." She walked beside him, holding his little hand.
His frown deepened as he kicked a rock and grumbled. "...don't even like the damn park."
"It's better than being in that dark room with those dolls for hours on end!" She snapped hastily.
Sasori kept his mouth shut, smart enough not to voice his thoughts aloud. He wished they would hurry up and get there; he really wanted to swing. Despite what he said, he actually enjoyed the park. Fact was, he didn't like going there anymore since his parents brought back happy memories. Memories he wanted to forget.
"Almost there." Chiyo said gruffly, her eyes never straying to her grandson.
"Okay. I hate waiting." He emphasized the word and smirked when Chiyo finally decided to look at him.
'Little devil of a child." Chiyo thought. She mentally sighed. 'He used to
:iconthreedaysgracetard:ThreeDaysGraceTard 173 64
Denial - Sasodei
“So, did I make myself clear? We meet back here in half an hour.”
“Got it, Danna…”
“And I mean it, you brat. Half an hour.”
Deidara sighed and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Yes, Danna…” I got it the first time you know, he thought darkly.
Sasori gave him a last glance before striding off.
Deidara gazed after his partner and sighed.
Why was his partner so goddamn rude to him all the time, treating him like some retarded idiot? That’s Tobi, not me; un…Why was his partner so completely disrespectful? Why was he always frowning with those beautiful red eyes of his?...erm, what I meant was that…that…
Deidara mentally groaned and kicked himself. Oooh what’s the point in denying anymore???!!
Yes, Deidara was head over heels for his partner. Simple and plain. End of story.
Trouble was he has fallen for someone whose ‘emotionless bastard’ factor was rivalling Itachi Uchiha’s. Sasori was cold an
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